Friday, December 11, 2009

Give me a reason as to why I should buy red sox tickets tomorrow. Just one reason.

Dear Mr. Epstein,

Can you give me one reason as to why I should purchase Red Sox tickets tomorrow? I am a little cloudy... Please do not say Marco Scutaro or Boof Bonser or Ram Ram II (Ramon Ramirez 2).

The Red Sox need to make some real improvements for 2010 if they plan on being competitive in the AL East with the Yankees or Rays. As a fan, it is dificult to get excited about a "bridge" team that is in transition. Bite the bullet and sign Bay or Holliday. Then magically trade for Roy Halladay without giving up a single prospect.

Seriously, the Sox management need to stop crying poverty and put together another championship team. We all know they can afford it....


The Ejected Fan