Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Trade Deadline Email Thread

(An email exchange this afternoon between myself, Hazel Mae's Landing Strip, and Jenny Cupcakes)

(3:15): OH CRAP

Smarty Barrett (3:15): :-(

Jenny Cupcakes (3:26): The intern that works in the office next to me was flipping out about that link. He keeps yelling trade news for me since he found out I was looking at it all day.

HzMLS (3:30): If we end up with Matt Kemp instead I am going to go batty.

SB (3:30): Good batty or bad batty? Cuz I haven't really decided how I feel about that yet.

HzMLS (3:31): Bad. I don't want him here.

JC (3:31): He is 23. Greg says "Matt Kemp isn't bad"

SB (3:32): He doesn't walk enough.

SB (3:35): 25 minutes!!!!

HzMLS (3:37): The Red Sox just traded Brandon Moss and Clay Buchholz for Eric Gagne

SB (3:38): LQTMing like crazy.

JC (3:41): I forwarded this to Greg and he was like wait I was just scared for a second.

SB (3:42): So was I, because Outlook pops up these message previews, and the preview was:

"The Red Sox just traded Brandon Moss and Clay Buchholz for..."

JC (3:45): HAHAHA

SB (4:23): Gordon Edes is reporting on NESN that Manny has been traded.
Details will be available shortly.

SB (4:24): is CRASHED.

SB (4:26): To the Dodgers.

JC (4:29): yeah breaking news just now on

HzMLS (4:32): BTW a reason why I don't listen EEI. They are slow as hell with this stuff, I went in the car to do an errand at 12:30 they had just found out about the Griffey Jr trade, when Rosenthal had announced it at like 10.

SB (4:33): I'm listening to them now. They are watching Edes on NESN but not telling us what he's saying.

JC (4:33): Is it really Jason Bay????

HzMLS (4:34): Is he signed through 2009?

SB (4:34): Yes and yes.

HzMLS (4:39): still has no clue...WWL my ass.

SB (4:40): I'm giddy.

HzMLS (4:44): Holy crap, the prospects are Brandon Moss and Craig Hansen.

SB (4:46): DAMIAN Moss.
And Craig Hansen.

HzMLS (4:48): Who the heck is that?

SB (4:49): Now they're saying it's Brandon Moss.

SB (4:52): So you're saying we CAN'T trade a player who's on the Braves?

JC (4:55): This email thread should be a blog...


ejected fan said...

Why was I left off this email thread?

jc-dramaqueen said...

haha dubbschism was on it and didnt contribute at all.
PS you left the email about how the braves wouldnt miss him out which I thought was humourous...

dubbschism said...

until yesterday, i believed that the internet was everywhere - it surrounds one wherever he may go. however, i learned this was not true at the precise moment that NESN was reporting the Manny trade (albeit with a paucity of details), and thus rendered helpless in learning the nitty gritty of this deal.

so henceforth, i am an internet atheist. have fun with your "packets" and your TCP/IP and your blogging...fuckers.