Sunday, August 24, 2008

Chex Mix, Matt Ryan, and more in the Mass Hysteria fantasy football draft

So Thursday night was the inaugural draft for the Mass Hysteria fantasy football league.  The league consists of the four regular bloggers on the site, myself, and several other regular commenters and other bloggers from around the interwebs.  The decision was made to do the league on Yahoo!, and as a veteran of Yahoo! Fantasy leagues, I noticed a few changes.  First, the incredible whoring of Chex Mix ALL OVER the draft window. Add to that the dramatic countdown leading up to the first pick, complete with numbers in 252 pt. font enveloping the screen and it bordered on ridiculous. But the draft itself was a blast. The highlight for me was drafting Matt Ryan, much to the chagrin of our own Hazel Mae's Landing Strip. As you may or may not know, his man-love for Matty R. knows no bounds. I knew I was going to have to strike at just the right time if I were to land him, and I did.

Here's the final roster for my team, and I look forward to representing the Ejected Fan well in this league:

Osi Human Urine
(yes that is my team name, and yes I did hear about this. Take that, fucker.)

QB Tom Brady
RB Larry Johnson
RB Reggie Bush
WR Chad Johnson
WR Dwayne Bowe
WR Donte' Stallworth
TE Vernon Davis
K Josh Scobee
DEF Philadelphia

QB Matt Ryan
RB Deuce McAllister
RB Rashard Mendenhall
WR Kevin Curtis
TE Tony Scheffler

Let's get it on.

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