Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My cell phone is like the internet's little sister.

dubbschism mobile blogging, watching Rays vs. Cubs (possible World Series preview?) from a restaurant. i've come to the conclusion that Joe Maddon looks like Gene Hackman's character Brill in 'Enemy of the State,' starring Will Smith, lots of guys with spiky hair, and...uh, Gene Hackman.


ejected fan said...

I never actually saw the movie... However I did sneak into it back in '98 just so I could see the trailer to Star Wars Phantom menace... What a ducking waste of time!!!

Dolan the Slugger said...

I agree with your comparison here. It's also a great movie. And the Cub's will be playing in the World Series, aganist the Red Sox after they beat the Ray's to get there.