Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mad Clown Part 2: The Sinister Laugh

Making our way to Fenway park on the T, we encounter a youth basketball team from Mattapan. I am quickly corrected, one player says “It’s Murder-Pan not Mattapan.” He then refers to the Savin Hill stop on the Ashmont line as Stab ‘n Kill. The team is discussing the game that they played that day including when one player tripped to the floor and started crying. The Muderpan kid asks Dubbschism, “Would you cry if there were chicks in the stands?” Dubbschism replies, “How hot are they? It depends do they like sensitive guys.”

Mad Clown 2: The Sinister Laugh

Already late for the game, Dubbschism and Zeitgeist are jonesing for Mojitos and get a quick Mojito at Father Dards while EF and Smarty Barrett enter into the game. Immediately we are greeted by the prescence of an old friend, the infamous, Mad Clown. There is an exchange between The Mad Clown and a food vendor at Fenway. The Mad Clown yells to the vendor “Got Pickels? Right here we got a pregnant lady.”(In Reference to his pregnant wife.) Again he makes a reference to his pregnant wife by saying, “She’s got one hot in the oven. Not even sure if it’s mine but I’ll support her.” His wife responds in a drunken slur, “ I’ m not even sure about the last two…”
In reference to the numerous guys at Fenway without shirts, the Mad Clown states, “ I would take my shirt off, but I didn’t shave my chest before coming to the park.” In reference to the shirtless fan issue, Ejected Fan shouts, “ Get skin cancer and die!” Dustin Pedroia and Curt Schillings wive’s do not approve of the preceding statement. Dubbshism, Smarty Barrett and EF have a bet on to the residence of the Mad Clown.
Smarty Barrett picks Dorchester while Dubbschism chooses Revere and Ejected Fan, Malden. Unfortunately for these bloggers, the Mad Clown and his constituency left during the fourth inning never to return to their seats. We hope to see a revival of the Mad Clown at Future games. Dubbschism has perfected his Mad Clown laugh and impression.

Smarty Barrett Photo Op with JD Drewwwww Sign Fans

The couple in front of us at the game were taking photos of themselves by holding their camera at arms length in front of them. Smarty Barrett took this opportunity to stick his head in with tongue out and then preceded to insert his middle finger into the photos. Upon reviewing the photos in zoom mode, the couple realized this hijinx and started to laugh. Another annoying trait of this couple was to hold up JD Drewwwww signs that were passed out at Fenway Park for St Louis player Jason Larue. When they called Jason Larue up to bat, these fair weather fans had no idea which team was at bat and decided to hold up their JD Drew signs. When they did hold the signs up for the real Drew earlier in the game, he did hit a home run so there was some level of good luck to the whole sign thing. At one point they held the signs in such a manner that Ejected fans vantage point was similar to a letter box movie.

Notable Quotes and Observations

  • A fan tells his wife among other BS that the temperature is in triple digits.
  • A drunken comment overheard by Zeitgeist “Duck you… say another thing to my friend and I’ll put you in a ducking Mayonnaise jar.” Smarty Barrett can only assume his last name is Hellman’s.

  • At one point EF tells a youngster not to go the long way down the aisle and informing him that next time he should go the other way later realizing the youngster was deaf. Later EF witnessed this fan holding this sign:
    Tickets: $500
    Soda: $4.50
    Gas to Boston: $100
    Driving my drunk family home: Priceless
    (By the way this child was about 12 years old)
  • Laney Boggs was the pitcher for the St Louis Cardinals
  • Smarty Barrett cannot remove the cap from EF’s pen. Ejected Fan responds “Dude, what the duck is wrong with you? It’s not the sword in the stone!”
  • There is a guy with a “Spitters are Quitters” T Shirt. Where are all the winners?
  • The 1985 hit Power of the Lover by Huey Lewis from and the News is Craig Hansen’s into song. Dubbschism quips, “Hansen was conceived to this song!”
  • Dubbschism in reference to the 9-3 differential states, “How Awesome would it be if they came back and won this game?” Smarty Barrett responds, “ I would light cars on fire!” Ejected Fan responds, “I would light babies on fire! A LA Rambo. I will toss them in the air and light them*.”

Because this game was such a blow out, we leave early to get food at Father Dard’s otherwise known as La Verdad to those not native to New Mexico. Friday EF will be blogging from the Pearl Jam show in Hartford. Also EF is planning a report from the Baseball HOF in Cooperstown NY. Stay tuned.

*Please note the ejected fan in know way condones the killing of babies even for sport.

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