Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Reggaeton ain't hot in the building no more... IT'S OKAY, I GET IT POPPIN'!

So I'm a little late with this, but rest assured, I have many updates from the game Saturday night. The evening began with the ejected fan requesting a stop at the liquor store for some nips. He decided against putting them in his hoodie. Whilst on the T, I saw ejf completely slam two nips of Sambvca. HzMLS and I looked at each other, nodded and knew that we may be in for another night of ejection. After the strong drinks outweighed the poor service at the Rattlesnake, we were off to Fenway. dubb and friends The Professor and Lock Ness (this name is completely subject to change...I just need an alias for the story) were also in tow, and we began our trek to the Fens. Once outside, I was feeling the effects of my Captain and Cokes, and I decided to ask ejected fan if he wanted to share his nip of J├Ągermeister with me. He slurred out that he had already consumed it and stumbled on. It was at this point that dubb decided to share the folklore that is the inspiration for this blog: Ejected Fan's Ejection©. This story will not be posted here, but rest assured, it will be posted on this site soon, so that all may know the story of The Ejected Fan.

Once in the park, HzMLS and I purchase beverages and make our way to our seats in the upper bleachers. We find ourself behind several college-age goons who are shouting out such taunts as "Hey Lester, you were better when you had cancer!" We quickly divert our attention, but still maintain jotting notes about them in the notebook, as to not forget their idiocy. Later in the game, they begin tossing out baseball cards, almost in the style of making it rain. I grab two of the cards, one is a mint condition Chuck Jackson, the other is a slightly dogeared Brook Jacoby. As HzMLS and I walk down the bleacher steps to use the restroom, I hold up a card to show dubb. Even from the distance, he notes that they are 1988 Topps. He is correct.

It took several beverages to realize this, but HzMLS and I were graced by a celebrity two rows in front of us. He is seen here, and it is none other than our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are too shy to ask Him anything, but we feel His presence and know He will bring something good to the game. Soon after the ejected fan stumbled over, climbing across the lap of the Almighty, the almighty Manny Ramirez launched a shot so mammoth that it may still be in flight. Jesus made his presence felt, the avid Reggaeton fan got it popping, and the Red Sox were victorious yet again. They are now 2-0 when all four members of the Ejected Fan attend. Coincidence? I think not.

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dubbschism said...

i ducking love this picture of jesus.