Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The No-No Song

So I have another bigger post coming, but first I feel like I have to address a certain local baseball event that occurred last night.  Seems as if almost as soon as I said Lester should spend some time in the minors to work on his control, he has been just absolutely dominating, culminating in last night's no-hitter.  I'm certainly fully prepared to admit I was wrong, and while we all are aware of the dangers of a small sample size, there were many things I saw last night that were very encouraging.

The first and biggest one being that, as far as I could tell, wherever Tek put the glove, Lester hit it.  He wanted the cutter inside, it was inside.  Curves in the dirt, fastballs away, Les was hitting every spot.  Period.  It's that kind of control that I wish we saw more of, and we saw it top to bottom, pitch after pitch last night.  Truly masterful.

The second was that Lester was getting swings and misses, which is huge. Eight strikeouts on the night and all the while maintaining his velocity all the way through was a huge key.  He's not exactly a power pitcher, but he was able to keep the hitters off-balance just enough last night by mixing up his stuff.

The final encouraging factor is that maybe all of us Sox fans have underestimated how much of a toll Lester's cancer took on him.  I know I was quick to assume that if he's back in a uniform, he must be 100%.  Maybe he's still working his way back.  Maybe he hasn't reached his peak yet. If that's the case, I may be expecting some crotch-shots from the ejected fan.

Also, as a side note, can Yankee fans please finally give up the
HUGHES + KENNEDY >>>> LESTER + BUCHHOLZ!!!!!11111!!!oneoneone
Anyone who still thinks that is going to get laughed at by even the most common of baseball fans.

And side note #2: Your editors here at the EjF are now the proud sponsors of Bartolo Colon's Baseball Reference page.

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dubbschism said...

a lefty who can strike out the last batter in a no hitter on a 96mph fastball is a power pitcher in my book.