Thursday, May 15, 2008

Semi-Irregular Miguel Tejada Home Run Update

today's date: the Ides of May
Miggy's current HR total: 5
Miggy's projected HR total, should he keep up this pace: 20 (!!!!!)
probability that the ejected fan wins my $20 and spends it on overpriced Sambvca nips from the Regal Beagle so he can get plastered on the T before he even gets to Fenway: 12%


ejected fan said...

If I win the wager, then I plan on purchasing pasties for Dubbschism to wear with his "PINK" shirt.
For those who don't know what Pasties are I have included the definition from u.d.:
glue-on nipple patches with or without tassles. some peole may consider tape patches over nipples as pasties, but that's debatable.

it would be really funny if there were a law that all fat guys could not wear shirts and had to wear pasties in public.

dubbschism said...

is that last comment part of the definition or was it your own two cents? if the latter is so, i'm only paying you $19.98. i mean, in the 12% likelihood that you win.